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About us

Who we are
We are team of skilled professionals with wide experience in dairy and food industry. Main sphere is used machines sales, same time we offer buyout and industrial consulting. 

How we work.

We offer only machines in good running condition to minimize end-customer investments in it, we don`t hide information - all machine supplied with original documents and metal plates. We don’t have stock – equipment we sell mostly located at factories and not dismantled to make customer easier understand it completes and condition.

What we offer

Dairy and food machines i.e.; Separators of all kind dairy and food, decanters, pasteurizers, cup filling machines, butter and margarine filling machines, complete cheese production plants, dryers,


01 Used machines range

We have in our base more than 7.000 dairies what means we have plenty of different machines to offer

02 Used machines buyout

If you want quick sale of your machine, contacts us, we have more than 30.000 contacts to offer.

03 Industrial consulting

We offer industrial experienced consulting and process solution together with our partners.

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Address: Barcelona, Spain